Vegan Chocolate Coconut Pudding

Chocolate pudding is a comfort food for me. It's creamy and delightful and seems to satisfy all my senses. This version is made with the meat from young thai coconuts for a little twist.  [...]

Delicious Creamy Golden Milk

Delicious Golden Milk helps curb nighttime sugar cravings. It's also an anti-inflammatory, so it helps with achy joints and digestive issues. So comforting right before bed!

Spiced Almond Milk

Soothe yourself off to sleep with my deliciously creamy Spiced Almond Milk. A healthy way to combat those nighttime sugar cravings.

Chocolate-y Rice Krispie Thingys

Rice Crispy treats are usually loaded with high fructose corn syrup and not many nutrients at all. This healthier version is tasty and fun to make. Your kids will love them served up with big [...]

Black Forest Chia Pudding

There is nothing like fresh, sweet cherries combined with chocolate. Oh my! This delectable creamy pudding is high in healthy fats, fiber and nutrients.

If you can't get fresh [...]

Peanut Butter Maca Oat Balls

Crunchy, gooey peanut butter blended with dates, almonds and high fiber oats, make these oat balls a perfect after workout snack. They are even great to take on a long bike ride or any [...]

Raw Peach Lavender Compote

Peaches and lavender make this delightful compote a treat to use on ice cream or even your morning toast. Feel free to substitute the peaches with apricots or nectarines! I LOVE SUMMER! 

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