Go on a Journey of Self-Discovery 

with a Horses as your Healing Guides

Based in Santa Barbara, California

Meet Your Equine Partnered Coach....

Hi, I’m Melissa. I’m passionate about helping mid-life women reclaim their confidence, create meaningful relationships, and rediscover their authentic self through a holistic mind, body, and soul approach. 

Through my various Equine Partnered Coaching offerings, my horse partners and I will help you break down the negative patterns that hold you back, while shedding old wounding and belief systems, so you can create deeper connections and live a more purposeful, authentic life. 

Allow me to join you in your personal healing journey so that you can move into the next phase of your life feeling confident, empowered and connected to what is most important.

No prior horse experience necessary. All coaching is done on the ground. 

horses truly are a healing elixir for the soul...

Why Horses Are Ideal Partners For Healing

Because horses are intuitive beings who react to our body language and non-verbal cues, they provide a non-judgemental space of support to help you work through any life challenges you may be facing. 

Horses are herd animals and have different personalities, moods, and demeanors. Even though horses are prey animals, their ability to trust and interact with us makes them a powerful source of healing, including helping to relieve anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, and more.

Gain Fresh Insights

Horses reflect where you are out of alignment. If a horse walks away when you approach it, what is your reaction? What is the story you tell yourself when this happens, and how does this show up in your everyday interactions with others? These insights are foundational for your transformation, as we look to the horse as a metaphor for our life's journey.

Identify And Shift Negative Patterns

Come open and curious. When you are with your horse partner in their own environment, you will feel more present, connected t and open to the possibilities in front of you, so you can move forward in an empowering way. Walk away feeling more grounded, confident, and clear about the next steps to make the change you crave.

How to Work With Your Horse Partner

Horses are your partners in the healing process. Both the horses and humans always have a choice and will not be asked to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with. This creates a mutually respectful partnership that can lead to a profound and organic connection. By not using tack or equipment, the horses are given the choice to move about freely. By observing and respecting their boundaries, you too will learn to set your own. This allows for new insights into your current behavior.

A deeply healing and inspiring experience...

Melissa, Diana, and the beautifully loving horses created an experience that was deeply healing and inspiring. So grateful for their care in assuring an opportunity for safe, profound, and compassionate connection.

Caitlyn C.

Nourish Your Soul Participant

I felt safe in many vulnerable moments...

"I was deeply moved when I didn’t expect to be. I saw others moved which was also unexpected.  I felt safe in many vulnerable moments. My journey with horses continues and it’s nice when it’s punctuated with these kinds of meaningful experiences.

Lynn H.


Equine Partnered Coaching Offerings:

(All offerings take place at a private ranch in Beautiful Santa Barbara, CA)

Private + Small Group Equine Partnered Coaching (small groups limited to 4 people)

Go on a journey of self-discovery with Melissa and her Equine Partners. Together, we will identify limiting beliefs, habits and negative patterns that may be keeping you from living your best life. We will look to the horse for feedback to help discover where you are out of alignment in your life so you can gain insight on what needs to shift. You will learn techniques that you can walk away with, to support your emotional and relational growth. If you struggle with anxiety, fear, insecurity, overwhelm, over-achieving, perfectionism, or poor sense of self, this opportunity can be incredibly insightful, transformative and beneficial. Leave the session feeling clear, grounded and at peace.

Sacred Horse Sisters Monthly Empowerment Circle

If you crave connection with other like-hearted and minded women, this bi-monthly sacred circle is for you. Join Melissa and experience the healing power of horses in a safe and supportive space to help you heal old wounding, and negative patterns that keep you stuck so you can reclaim your life for you, and step into the truest expression of yourself as a women. Together, in sisterhood, we will celebrate, support and honor each other no matter what is brought to the stable. This is an ongoing circle limited to 6 women, and a 3-month commitment is required. After you meet your initial commitment, you may continue on a month by month basis depending on availability. Click below to see current on-going dates.

Nourish Your Soul Equine Empowerment Workshop for Women

If you're a heart-centered woman who is craving more for herself and her life, this intimate workshop is for you. Hosted outside with Melissa Costello, CCSPsy, EFL Coach and Diana Ferrari, MFT, MHP in beautiful sunny Santa Barbara, CA, you and 7 other like-minded women will work with a herd of horses to help you reconnect to your heart, and awaken your truth. Take time to slow down and breathe while you build confidence, deepen connections and work on shifting negative patterns that keep you stuck. Walk away from this workshop feeling completely nourished, present and supported with the courage to take the next steps!

Infused with love, magic + transformation....

It was an experience infused with love, magic and transformation! I appreciate your gentle guidance and beautiful presence that made it sweet & safe.

Crescent O


Well run and very Uplifting....

I just wanted to say thanks again for your well run and very uplifting workshop! It was wonderful!