Go on a Journey of Self-Discovery 

with a Horses as your Healing Guides

Go on a Journey of Self-Discovery with Horses as your Guides.

Horses are ideal partners for healing

Because horses are intuitive, sentient beings they provide a non-judgemental space of support to help you work through any life challenges that may be present. Even though horses are prey animals, their ability to interact with us and trust us, makes them a powerful source of healing.

Gain fresh insights and learn about yourself in a new way

By entering into an experience with a horse, we can explore what we bring into a relationship, as well as what we can receive from it. As a result, we learn about ourselves and the needs of others in a fresh new way.

Overcome challenges and identify patterns with the horse as your guide

Through your own curious nature and the presence you bring to your time with the horse, we will create the opportunity to identify and shift negative patterns that are keeping you stuck. Walk away feeling more grounded, confident and clear about your next steps.

All the work is done on the ground with the horses at Liberty

In equine partnered coaching, the horses have a choice. We work with them on without tack or equipment, this gives the horses the freedom to make their own decisions which can lead to a profound and organic connection.

horses truly are a healing elixir for the soul...


If you love nature and animals and you're looking for a different kind of support in your life journey, equine partnered coaching is a powerful and safe resource to help you reconnect to yourself, while gaining new insights and a fresh perspective. Equine partnered coaching is also known to help relieve anxiety, depression and PTSD.


Experience a profound sense of inner peace and presence. Feel more connected to your body than you've ever been. Gain clarity around a current struggle or challenge you may be facing. Feel a deep appreciation for nature and it's healing power. Discover a different way of relating that will support your personal relationships. Release emotional blocks and gain new insights.


Horses are herd animals and are a lot like humans, in that they have different personalities, moods and demeanor's. Through working with horses we can reflect on how we approach the difficult moments in our lives as well as the relationships we have. They intuitively analyze and react to our body language and other nonverbal cues providing us with valuable feedback and insights for other areas of our lives.

Equine Partnered Coaching Offerings:

(All offerings take place at a private ranch in Beautiful Santa Barbara, CA)

Private Equine Partnered Coaching Sessions with Melissa

Go on a journey of self-discovery with Melissa and her Equine Partner. Together, we will identify limiting beliefs and habits that may be keeping you stuck while also discovering practice techniques that you can take away with you to support your emotional and relational growth. If you struggle with anxiety, fear, insecurity, overwhelm, over-achieving, perfectionism, or poor sense of self, this opportunity can be incredibly transformative and beneficial. Leave the session feeling clear, grounded and at peace.

Nourish Your Soul Workshop for Women

If you're a heart-centered woman who is craving more for herself and her life, this intimate workshop is for you. Hosted outside in beautiful sunny Santa Barbara, CA, you and 7 other like-minded women will work with a herd of horses to help you reconnect to your heart, and awaken your truth. Build confidence, deepen connections, shift negative patterns that keep you stuck and walk away feeling completely nourished and grounded with the courage to take the next steps!   Only 8 spaces available. 

Equine Partnered Retreats for Women - COMING SOON!

Get away from it all and immerse yourself in a 4 day retreat where you will experience life-changing breakthroughs with the support of horses, Melissa and other like-minded women. Dates Coming Soon!!

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A deeply healing and inspiring experience...

Melissa, Diana, and the beautifully loving horses created an experience that was deeply healing and inspiring. So grateful for their care in assuring an opportunity for safe, profound, and compassionate connection.

Caitlyn C. | Client

Meet Melissa:

For the last 15 years Melissa has been empowering and coaching women across the globe to end the on-going battle with yo-yo dieting, body shame and the childhood trauma that leads to a dysfunctional relationship with food. 

Her passion for animals, horses in particular has led Melissa to seek out her certification in Equine Facilitated Learning through the HERD institute, so she can partner with horses as a support system in the profound healing work she is doing with her clients.

She has helped thousands of women reclaim their confidence, and step into the truest expression of themselves so they can create deeper more meaningful relationships and feel purpose in their own lives.

Melissa's own deep connection with horses, has provided extraordinary healing in her life's journey in overcoming the extensive trauma she suffered as a child in an alcoholic home.

Melissa is a Transformational Life Coach, Certified Counselor of Spiritual Psychology, Author and Speaker. She founded her business Karma Chow in 2007, and continues to coach women all over the globe both virtually and in-person.

She currently volunteers at Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center in Santa Barbara, runs equine-assisted workshops for women and is completing her certification in Equine Facilitated Learning.