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Let’s Help You End The ​​Vicious Cycle with Food Obsession, Emotional Eating + Yo-Yo Dieting Now. 

Get my Food Freedom Guide and Learn How to Make Peace with Food + Your Body so you Can ​Have Permanent Weight Loss without Dieting, Restriction or Giving up the Foods You Love.

My Commitment to You

As a Transformational Eating Coach and Holistic Nutritionist, it is my life’s work to support and empower you to stop dieting and let go of the vicious struggle with food and your body, so you can live life fully again. I know that any type of change begins with the smallest step. I will help you take those steps so you never have to diet again and you can lose weight permanently, naturally and love the body you’re in. Using my specialized training and integrative coaching techniques I will guide you whole-heartedly and help you create life-long change.  Permanent weight loss begins within, and I am fiercely committed to you feeling better than you ever have, and living a life of balance, peace & freedom


My relationship to my body has never been better....

Being able to work with Melissa was an absolute pleasure! She helped me find my happy place, my authentic self; to let go of my fears and worries. She provided tools that both challenged and lifted me and I am able to continue my practices of nurturing myself because of what she taught me. My relationship with my body has never been better! Melissa has helped me heal from many years of self-abuse and I am forever grateful for the rare opportunity to work with her!

Sarah T.  |  Premium Coaching Client

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​I highly recommend bringing Melissa's expertise into your life...​

​When it comes to food Melissa knows her stuff. For years, she was my go-to for all things nutrition and cooking. ​Melissa's wealth of knowledge when it comes to knowing what to eat and why we ​tend to struggle with food, goes way beyond just a traditional meal-plan or diet. If you're looking to break the ho-hum cycle of the same old food conundrum then I highly recommend bringing ​Melissa Costello's ​expertise into your life.

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