• "Thank you so very much Melissa. You have been the catalyst of change I needed. I will be forever grateful to you. I know my journey has just begun; but because of you I am now well equipped. Blessings & quinoa forever!"

    Ellen P.
  • "Eating for fuel and nourishment is the main thing I learned on the cleanse! I was always afraid to eat in fear of gaining weight because I don't exercise. But to my surprise..eating the "correct" foods gave me the energy I needed to get through my day, cleared my mined, and supplied me with the energy I was lacking to exercise! I would punish myself with food, not eating ect. Now, I use food to live! It's such a great feeling!"

  • "Missy makes what I want, the way I want it. She's also brilliant at introducing me to new and exciting flavors that are loaded with taste and texture that make my taste buds sing. If you're looking to break the ho-hum cycle of the same old food conundrum then I highly recommend bringing Missy Costello's meal magic into your home."

    Tony Horton
    Tony Horton Fitness Expert & Creator of P90x
  • "I'm doing the booty dance right now!! My dr's office just called me and told me my cholestrol level went from 225 to 196. My last dr's visit was in November 2011. So this is astonishing for me.  Thryoid levels are perfect and he said overrall health has improved in such a short period time. Thanks Melissa Costello for the 30 day Vegan Cleanse. I know this helped me out tremendously."

    Shannon L.
  • "I feel so thankful to have lost 13 (!!!!!!) pounds during this 30 days. It's so motivating to me to continue to make great choices. I also feel like for the first time in my life I'm not rushing to get to my goal weight next week. If I am consistent with my eating and continue to put in the exercise, the rest will come as my body is ready to release it. Thank you Melissa for the tools. Thanks to the whole group for the never ending support!!!"

    Mary C.
  • "I was in SUCH a funk before we started this cleanse but one good thing leads to another right? I'm feeling like a completely different person. I've made some other changes as well and of course that has had an impact on my "de-funking". However, I firmly believe that what you eat has monumental consequences on your overall well-being. AND, for me, making these positive steps has led to numerous other positive steps propelling me to a happier life."

  • "This cleanse is AWESOME. Working with Melissa brought me to a new stage of health and wellness that I had feared I would never reach again. I lost 13 pounds on the cleanse without trying to lose weight - I ate as much as I wanted and was always satisfied. My insomnia lifted so I sleep better, my skin is softer, my hair is shinier, I have more energy and so much more! I have decided to remain vegan after the cleanse because I'm so much healthier overall now -- my weight loss from the cleanse is just the "icing on the cake" (currently 21 pounds lost and still thinning). I won't lie that it feels good to be getting my early 20s figure back... ;)"

    Kathy Z. Vital Life Cleanse
  • "Don't miss this opportunity! My husband is entering his 3rd month following Vital Life's cleanse and he no longer has nasal drainage, he's lost 30 pounds (and he wasn't fat to begin with, but now he's leaner), doesn't fall asleep at 8:30pm every night from exhaustion, and he is faster, stronger, and lighter on his feet during his daily AM runs/workouts. It's not just a 30-day cleanse, it's a program that teaches you how to eat "cleaner" and pay attention to how your body feels with certain foods. It's a life changing adventure!"

    KVR Vital Life Cleanse
  • Being able to work with Melissa was an absolute pleasure! She helped me find my happy place, my authentic self; to let go of my fears and worries. She provided tools that both challenged and lifted me and I am able to continue my practices of nurturing myself because of what she taught me. My relationship with my body has never been better! Melissa has helped me heal from many years of self-abuse and I am forever grateful for the rare opportunity to work with her!

    Sarah Tietsort
    Sarah Tietsort
  • Day 14! Wow, do I feel great! My energy levels have gone through the roof, my skin is glowing, my tummy bloat is gone, yes - gone, and I feel like I’ve let go of about 5-7 lbs. This was exactly what I needed to start my summer. I will keep up this lifestyle, because it works and it feels so good to be fueling my body with fresh, whole food. Thank you Melissa! I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this, it was easy with all the great recipes