Come Home is a show for everyday people who face everyday challenges; a place where you will find connection through other people's real stories, and feel the inspiration to Come Home to your own heart and inner knowing. 

Listen in as host, Melissa Costello coaches callers live around a current struggle they are facing, or deep-seated pattern they want to shift while offering tangible strategies, a dash of spiritual guidance and sometimes a tablespoon or two of tough love, that you can easily apply to your own life. 

Get inspired to take action in your own life and overcome the obstacles that you may be facing with Melissa's honest guidance and coaching solutions based on her in-depth training in Spiritual Psychology and Transformational Life Coaching along with her own personal experiences.

Latest episode

Feelings of failure, shame, and guilt are the biggest products that the diet industry sells us. This 70 billion dollar industry negatively impacts the mental and emotional health of millions of men and women, promising quick fixes, but ultimately always ending in failure.

My caller today, Pam, knows this struggle firsthand as she has been dieting in an attempt to lose the same 30 pounds for years. She has been stuck in the diet cycle for a long time, but has been unable to lose weight in a sustainable way.

As a result, she has put herself under immense pressure to finally lose weight, which only leads to feelings of failure or shame anytime she doesn’t live up to the high expectations she’s set. 

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