Come Home is a show for everyday people who face everyday challenges; a place where you will find connection through other people's real stories, and feel the inspiration to Come Home to your own heart and inner knowing. 

Listen in as host Melissa Costello coaches live callers around a current struggle they are facing, or deep-seated pattern they want to shift while offering tangible strategies, a dash of spiritual guidance and sometimes a tablespoon or two of tough love, that you can easily apply to your own life. 

Get inspired to take action in your own life and overcome the obstacles that you may be facing with Melissa's honest guidance and coaching solutions based on her in-depth training in Spiritual Psychology and Transformational Life Coaching along with her own personal experiences. 

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If you’re a woman, then my guess is you know a little something about taking care of others and putting everything and everyone else first. And, you may even feel a sense of guilt when it comes to taking care of yourself. Or taking time to do things you love. If so, you are going to love this episode.

Aftan called in today because she has been neglecting a very big part of who she is for many years to raise her two daughters. Slowly over time she let go of pieces of herself and her dreams, and has gotten caught up in always giving to others without giving herself the same attention.

Now that her daughters are grown and out of the house, she wants to reconnect with her artistic spirit and the dreams that she had left behind; one of them being to FINALLY write a screenplay that she has been thinking about for years.

Aftan’s obstacle to this goal is that she has pushed herself to the point of burnout by taking care of everyone else in her life, and she needs to relearn how to take care of her own needs and get reconnected to her passions; in essence to reclaim the lost parts of herself.

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