Come Home is a show for everyday people who face everyday challenges; a place where you will find connection through other people's real stories, and feel the inspiration to Come Home to your own heart and inner knowing. 

Listen in as host Melissa Costello coaches live callers around a current struggle they are facing, or deep-seated pattern they want to shift while offering tangible strategies, a dash of spiritual guidance and sometimes a tablespoon or two of tough love, that you can easily apply to your own life. 

Get inspired to take action in your own life and overcome the obstacles that you may be facing with Melissa's honest guidance and coaching solutions based on her in-depth training in Spiritual Psychology and Transformational Life Coaching along with her own personal experiences. 

Latest episode

In the era of ageism, it’s increasingly hard for women to embrace their natural aging. We are constantly exposed to beauty influencers through social media along with unrealistic images, photos and ideals in mainstream media, which makes it even more challenging for women to cultivate a unique sense of self or to have a positive self-image.

In this episode, Melissa chats with Style Coach, Erin Mathis. Erin teaches midlife women how to create an authentic style that helps them make the impact they want to have and to feel confident about their own image. 

Erin believes that women can use style as a secret weapon to help build confidence and that it has the power to change the trajectory of our lives, without it being complicated. She fully believes that style is only one piece of your whole self, and we must do our inner work as well to be able to exude confidence and well-being from the inside out

Ep. 19: The Power of Style to Transform Your Life with Style Coach, Erin Mathis
Ep. 18: Build Confidence in Your Young Girls with Meredith Essalat
Ep. 17: Reflections of a Fat Girl with Ilene Leshinsky
Ep. 16: Set Boundaries + End People Pleasing with Chris
Ep. 15: End Emotional Eating + Improve Self Esteem with Ashley
Ep. 14: Speak Up and Let Your Voice Be Heard with Malika Amandi

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