Clean in 14 Detox

Discover Optimal Health Through Food-Based Cleansing

The Clean in 14 Detox is a revolutionary 2-week program that is chock full of satisfying and delicious recipes, easy to follow meal plans and daily actions to help you break bad habits and unhealthy patterns with food. You will not only cleanse your body by giving it a break from every day toxins, you will also kick sugar cravings, lose weight and find your natural energy so you can live a healthier, happier, more vibrant life. No Starvation or Deprivation!


Day 14! Wow, do I feel great! My energy levels have gone through the roof, my skin is glowing, my tummy bloat is gone, yes - gone, and I feel like I’ve let go of about 5-7 lbs. This was exactly what I needed to start my summer. I will keep up this lifestyle, because it works and it feels so good to be fueling my body with fresh, whole food. Thank you Melissa! I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this, it was easy with all the great recipes


Here's What You'll Find in This Book


  • Detailed shopping lists and mouthwatering mix and match meal plans for 14 days
  • How to completely eliminate CRAP (Coffee, Refined sugar, Alcohol, Processed Foods) out of your life
  • How to banish the SAP (Sabotaging Addictive Patterns) that keep you on the diet roller-coaster
  • How to follow through on healthy eating as a lifestyle, not just another fad diet
  • Daily Action Steps to help you stay focused and motivated

In just two short weeks, imagine that you're feeling lighter and free from cravings and mid-day energy slumps. Imagine that you are sleeping more soundly and rising ready to face the day. Your skin is glowing and your body has been flushed of the harmful toxins that have been dragging you down. You feel VIBRANT and ALIVE. With Clean in 14, you don't have to imagine -- you can KNOW what being clean looks and feels like every day.

While there are many detox programs available, Clean in 14 is the only simple, 2-week plan that's not about deprivation, frustration or subsisting on shakes or pills. It's about enjoying a bounty of delicious plant-based, whole foods that not only taste amazing, but which melt fat, curb cravings and provide your body with the natural energy it needs!


About Melissa Costello

Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Author, Speaker, Cleanse Expert

Melissa Costello is a certified nutritionist, wellness coach, celebrity chef, author and cleanse expert. Her first book, The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook has become the go-to cookbook for those who are looking to implement plant-based eating in a simple and healthy way into their lives. Melissa’s online cleanse programs have been taking the nation by storm, with over thousands of happy participants who have changed their health and life through food-based cleansing. Melissa is currently leading detox retreats around the globe. For more information email: