You want to Lose Weight (for good). You want to feel Confident​ and Comfortable in your body. You want to feel Free...I ​can help!

​I see you. You've tried everything. You've counted calories, done the meal plan thing, tried fasting, cleansing and the latest diet trends, you've bought all the diet and health books out there, and yet you still ​can't lose weight or keep it off.

You want so badly to not think about food all the time, or to not feel ashamed about your body. You want to wear clothes ​that ​accentuate your best ​self, and you want to feel good around the people you're tired of hiding. You are tired of feeling like a failure and ​you're frustrated because this one thing seems like a huge and impossible mountain to climb. 

You're willing to do what it takes, but you haven't been able to figure that out yet, and realize it would be so much easier if you had someone to guide you; someone who's been through ​the trenches and has come out the other side...That way you don't have to feel trapped and alone anymore...

​I've been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to try every diet out there; to lose weight, gain it back, feel like a failure and then make a bunch of false promises ​about starting over on Monday, knowing it will never stick. ​

​I wasted over 30 years stuck in a food prison, hating my body and spending money on every quick fix​ while I was at home ​eating in secret because I felt so ashamed and like a HUGE failure.

​Since then, I've learned ​exactly what it takes to​ keep weight off without dieting, deprivation and giving up all the foods I love. I have been at my natural body weight for ​the last 8 years, and I still get to eat my favorite food...cupcakes! 

​No more binge eating. No more emotional eating. No more d​eprivation and white-knuckling. ​I now love my body and feel at home in my skin. That is nothing short of a miracle! 



Through my highly personalized one-on-one ​coaching, we will work together as​ a team to implement a tailored system so that you can lose weight in a healthy way, and keep it off for good.

We will target what has been holding you back from keeping the weight off, and feeling free in your body, while we ​design do-able and realistic strategies that will empower and motivate you. You will break free of ​sabotaging habits and limitations that are no longer serving you. ​​

​This will result in feeling a deep sense of​ confidence and balance with food and your body, while still being able to enjoy the foods you love. Together we will create a stable foundation ​for your lasting success, true vitality and permanent weight loss. 


​You're tired of feeling alone in your struggles with food and weight loss, and want the support and camaraderie of other women who understand you + your challenges. 

With only 4 ​women to a group, the very intimate Empowered Eaters club will ​give you the accountability, connection and structured support you are needing, so you don't have to do it alone anymore. You will overcome the ​road-blocks that have been keeping you stuck, ​while ​learning the keys to permanent weight loss and undeniable confidence

You will build long-lasting bonds and connection with your fellow sisters​, and receive ​powerful laser-coaching with Melissa in a virtual, small-group setting over the course of 6-months. 


This 5-day mini course will give you the foundational guidance you need to kick-start your weight loss journey and transform your destructive habits.

In​ 5-days you will ​learn the key strategies ​that will help you transform your current behaviors so that you can lose weight and keep it off permanently. ​You will receive 5 days of videos, workbooks and additional resources in order to get the motivation you need to take the first baby step toward long-term change. 

​This gentle approach will open your eyes to a new way of weight loss, and guide you in becoming aware of and breaking the patterns that have been keeping you stuck. Finish the course with powerful tools to implement each day for your most empowering transformation.

​​Here's what Melissa's clients are saying about her coaching...

Now, I have such a positive relationship with food.

"Just 3 months ago I felt controlled by food and was so critical of myself, and had been for as long as I can remember. I wasn’t sure how Melissa could help me, but knew I had nothing to lose. Now, I have such a positive relationship with food. I see it as fuel for my body and almost always give my body quality whole foods. I enjoy finding new recipes and preparing them for my family. I have so much happiness inside and look forward to new experiences since I’m no longer holding myself back with negativity."

Renee J.  |  Pr​ivate Coaching Client 

Being positive is now like second nature....

"I've been home now for almost 3 weeks after traveling and I cannot believe how much better I have been doing. I actually have inner peace and am comfortable being at home most of the time. It feels so good. I'm so much calmer. Being positive is now like a second nature, it seems like, and I also seem to be able to stay peaceful and balanced in more stressful situations, like meeting new people. Guess I don't feel like I have to impress them anymore. Thanks for all you have done for me, it is such a good feeling!"

Yvonne V.  | Occupational Therapist Private Coaching Client

I now have a toolbox I can use when I have a desire to eat...

"I​ worked with Melissa ​to help ​overcome ​my "emotional eating".  Melissa has been tremendously helpful in helping me identify all of the non-hunger reasons I eat, and to become present to the emotions.  Through our work together, I now have a toolbox I can use when I feel the desire to eat, but I am not hungry.  Becoming mindful of my emotions has helped me choose more appropriate responses to them.  I highly recommend Melissa as a Life Coach.  She is supportive, caring, compassionate, and keeps a person accountable while never being judgmental."

Juliana G.  | Lawyer, Private Coaching Client