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If you’re tired of feeling frustrated about your long struggle with yo-yo dieting and your weight, and are ready to finally let go of the sabotaging habits that keep you stuck, then you ​are in the right place! 

You’ve tried everything without lasting results, and you feel disc​​​​ouraged and hopeless​You just want to be healthy, wear clothes you love and feel good in your body. Is that too much to ask?

You’re a ​high-achiever in many areas of your life, ​yet you feel like you can’t seem to overcome this one big challenge that keeps you from feeling good about yourself, and living your life fully. 

You're committed to your family, your friends and your job but you seem to ​put yourself last on your to-do list, if at all. Dieting, quick-fixes and the deprivation/restriction cycle just don’t seem to work anymore. 

You have a hard time ​staying consistent with your healthy eating, and often ​give up after one "treat" or bad day of eating. You tell yourself, 'What's the point? I will never be able to have the body I want, so I might as well eat whatever I want..."

You regularly start over on Monday, or tomorrow, or at the beginning of the month, or the New Year, promising yourself you will be good, and eat clean for the rest of your life, but by the day's end you are knee deep in popcorn and cookies feeling like a failure, once again

If that's you, I'm very sorry you are struggling....I feel you! 

I've been there, and I know how isolating and defeating it feels.

​​I lost over 30 years of my life hating my body, yo-yo dieting and stuck in a food prison. ​Even though I​ acted like I had it all together on the outside, I was struggling and filled with shame. I spent many nights on my couch eating emotionally (aka binge eating) comforting myself with food, and then promising myself I would start my diet tomorrow, only to, once again, break that promise. I ended up 30 pounds overweight and hating myself even more.  

Through my highly personalized one-on-one premium coaching programs, we will work together as partners to create an experience that is tailored specifically to you and will result in radical, lasting transformation. We will target what has been holding you back from experiencing freedom, and design strategies that will empower you. You will break free of the sabotaging habits that are not serving you, so you can finally reach and sustain your health, food and weight goals with confidence and ease. You will have a deep sense of peace and balance with food and your body. Together we will create a stable foundation to build on for lasting success. Set up a time to chat with Melissa below to see which program is the best fit for you.

Food ​Mastery LIVE Group Coaching Program – 12 Weeks​​ -- CLOSED FOR ENROLLMENT

If your relationship to food has taken over your life, and you’ve tried everything to eat healthy, lose weight and feel good in your body, yet continue to feel frustrated, discouraged and disappointed, Food ​Mastery LIVE Group Coaching program will provide you with the structured support, accountability and empowered action you need to feel balanced, confident and peaceful with the choices you make around food and your body. You can start to LIVE LIFE again and feel empowered versus apathetic. In 12-weeks you will implement my ​Food Mastery System, in a LIVE group setting ​so you can take your power back from food ​and feel successful, peaceful and FREE! You will overcome the challenges that have been keeping you stuck, ​while learning how to shift your mindset for sustainable, long-lasting results.

Horses & Healing Equine VIP DAY

If you are ready to DIVE DEEP and experience a profound transformation in a short period of time, my VIP day will do that for you. We will spend the day working together with horses, and a certified equine coach, in beautiful Santa Barbara so you can have incredible, long-lasting breakthroughs and finally shift what has been keeping you in stuck in the vicious cycle of suffering with food and your body. Horses are mirrors to what is going on inside of us, and they provide an unconditional and safe space for us to have deep transformation and healing. VIP days are only available through an interview process.


Now, I have such a positive relationship with food.

Just 3 months ago I felt controlled by food and was so critical of myself, and had been for as long as I can remember. I wasn’t sure how Melissa could help me, but knew I had nothing to lose. Now, I have such a positive relationship with food. I see it as fuel for my body and almost always give my body quality whole foods. I enjoy finding new recipes and preparing them for my family. I have so much happiness inside and look forward to new experiences since I’m no longer holding myself back with negativity.

Renee J.  |  Premium Coaching Client