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March 28, 2021

Ep. 5: [The Nook] Living an Authentic + Aligned Life with Courtney Townley, Founder of Grace + Grit


The goal of health and wellness coaches often falls short by only focusing on diet and exercise, but there are so many more layers to it. That is why you are going to love my guest today, Courtney Townley. 

Courtney is the host of the Grace + Grit Podcast and the creator Rumble + Rise. She deems herself a mover, a shaker and a healthy people maker and once you hear this episode you will understand why.

She has worked in the health and wellness sphere for over 20 years now, and today she joins me inside The Nook to give you her insight on how to connect to your truest most authentic self which is the real foundation for optimal health and wellness.

She shares her experiences around finding the balance between Grace and Grit, the detriment of people pleasing and the thing that we won't admit to ourselves that keeps us stuck in a stress cycle.

Courtney also gets a little vulnerable and tells us about how she leaned on her own coaching advice to navigate the HUGE challenges she experienced during this time of COVID, and how one little phrase woke her up to actually make some change. 

She also breaks down her 4-step Consistency Code from her online course, which is a practical tool to help you realign yourself when you feel something in your life is out of balance, or if you are consistently sabotaging yourself and hitting up against the same negative patterns. These four steps help you get unstuck and move forward with both Grace + Grit.

So if harmony of body, mind, and spirit is something you seek, today’s episode will be a game-changer for you. You will walk away with a better understanding of what alignment means and what it looks like for you, as well as several solid strategies on how to create a life that is in tune with your desires and values.


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