September 22, 2021

Ep. 16: Set Boundaries + End People Pleasing with Chris


In this coaching episode, Chris comes to the call with a question about overeating, especially in social situations. She finds herself feeling out of control with desserts, and also wonders how to STOP eating when there is food left on her plate because she doesn't want to waste it. She often ends up feeling overly full and guilty afterwards.

The “Clean Your Plate Club,” as Melissa calls it, is very common especially among generations who had parents that were raised in the Depression. Chris also shares that her mother was always monitoring her food, which often left her feeling deprived and wanting more. 

As Melissa dives in to discover more about Chris’ life,  she discloses her past experiences with dieting and her weight. She has been a long time dieter and felt successful at it at one time, but since the pandemic, she has put on a lot of weight and hates how she feels in her clothes. She is very attached to numbers on the scale and what they mean in terms of her self-worth. 

Chris also shares that she suffers from anxiety and stress that are a conglomerate of her past and present life experiences. As Melissa inquires more about this, we learn that Chris has a very hard time setting boundaries and is also a huge people pleaser, which creates even more stress in her life and leads her to eat to soothe herself. 

Many of Chris’ behaviors are linked to a fear of not being a good person, so Melissa gives Chris some powerful strategies to help her shift this way of thinking, as well as manage her anxiety through boundary setting so that she can engage in the things she loves to do for herself without guilt. 

If you've ever had a hard time setting boundaries, or felt anxious and stressed out because you have a deeper fear that people won’t like you, and you tend to turn to food or some other outlet to soothe yourself, then be sure to listen to the entire podcast so you can learn some powerful tactics to support your own well-being.

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Melissa Costello

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