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  • Are you tired of obsessing about food and your weight every moment of the day? 
  • Do you feel discouraged that you haven't been able to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Are you sick of feeling like a failure and as though you will never get a handle on your eating?
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With my Food Freedom Guide and 7-part video series, you will learn all about the Top 7 Mistakes I made that kept me trapped in food prison for over 30 years. I also share the exact steps I took to finally break free, find my natural body weight and learn to enjoy all the foods I love without getting out of control. .

These micro-actions will help you to feel normal around food again, so you can stop obsessing about it 24/7. They will also put you in touch with your body's needs so you STOP overeating, and you know exactly what to do when you find yourself feeling out of control with food. 

You will learn how to take your power back from food, and break out of food and body obsession, aka: Food Prison. You will finally have the freedom to LIVE YOUR LIFE! 


  I feel amazing and free from this life-long battle....

I went to the doctor and I'm down 52 lbs. My borderline high blood pressure is gone. I feel amazing and free from this life long battle with food. And I did it all without dieting or deprivation. Thanks again for your guidance and insight into developing a healthy relationship towards food and myself.

Melissa B.  |  Food Freedom Program Participant

About Melissa....
Melissa Costello, Transformational Eating Coach and Holistic Nutritionist is the author of the best-selling cookbook, The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook and The Clean in 14 Detox. Melissa began Karma Chow over 10 years ago as a personal chef to celebrity fitness guru and P90X creator, Tony Horton. Her own struggles with emotional eating and distorted body image led her to seek deeper work with her clients after she healed her own relationship to food and her body. This experience, along with her training in Counseling Psychology allows her to bring her deep insight and wisdom when working with her clients to help them break out of the vicious cycle of dieting and deprivation, so they can finally heal their relationship to food and their bodies for good. Melissa is fiercely committed to her clients deep and sustainable transformation, so they can live a life of balance, peace & freedom right now, not someday! To learn more about Melissa, click here.

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