October 21, 2021

Ep. 20: Radical Acceptance and Our Bodies with MFT and Founder of Soulistic Wellness, Shirley Johnson


For many women, body acceptance can feel impossible and intangible. It’s a concept that seems hard to grasp, especially because we are conditioned from a very young age that our bodies equal our value. This starts a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, body shame and self-hatred for many women.

In this episode, Melissa chats with licensed psychotherapist and healing practitioner, Shirley Johnson. Shirley grew up in a multi-racial family and went on her first diet at the age of 10. She spent years yo-yo dieting, and fighting with her body while receiving mixed messages about it from different sides of her family. 

Shirley shares about her very vulnerable and long -long journey around loving and accepting her body, as well as the recent struggles she has experienced with weight gain during the pandemic. She believes that the recent weight is a teacher for learning next levels of self-love and self-acceptance. 

Shirley and Melissa also go deep into the industrial, modern, hyper consumer culture that has created a huge disconnect for humans with their body, and being out of touch with the earth and our own internal nature. Our bodies are now seen as a vehicle for consumption or to make money from, or to make someone else feel good instead of our own deeper connection to ourselves.

If you have been struggling with your body, weight gain, or feeling as though you never have accepted yourself or your body, then this episode offers deep insights and truths around how you can turn toward yourself and  heal the core wounds that keep you from fully loving and accepting your body.

Based in Oakland, CA by way of The Bronx, NY, Shirley has alchemized fifteen years experience of exploration of self and specialized training in astrology, energy work, psychology and yoga into a passionate profession: restoring intimacy and vulnerability in the collective consciousness through community building and healing.  

Shirley is a sought after speaker for various events and training on mental health and wellness, intimacy, and race She is also a contributor and lead trainer to yoga teacher trainings based around the country.  In her private practice, Shirley works with adults and couples and specializes in codependency recovery, communication, intimacy, and vulnerability, especially in Black women


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