October 7, 2021

Ep. 18: Build Confidence in Your Young Girls with The Honest Teacher, Meredith Essalat


In this Expert Series episode, we discuss what parenting looks like in today's world where social media is pervasive in the lives of youngsters. In the age of apps like Photoshop and FaceTune, how do we advise and support our children's body image as they are growing and being exposed to unrealistic ideas about their bodies? 

It is becoming increasingly challenging to create an atmosphere in which our children can embrace their bodies, despite the unrealistic body norms that social media and the media in general, highlight. 

As a parent, being proactive and learning how to create limits on the consumption of social media, as well as educating our children on how to view their bodies in a healthy way is key to building their self-esteem and confidence.

Meredith Essalat, a K-8 school principal in San Francisco, CA, and author of The Overly Honest Teacher: Parenting Advice from the Classroom, joins us as our special guest. Meredith herself struggled with an eating disorder at a young age, and understands what it’s like to have an dysfunctional relationship with food and her body. 

 Before becoming a principal, Meredith worked in middle school teaching for nine years as a teacher and the Dean of Middle School Curriculum. She has a BA in Mass Communication, a California-Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, and she now calls sunny California home.

Join us as we discuss the importance of supporting our children and how they see their bodies,  and what we, as parents and guardians can do to remove the stigma and help our children feel confident and valuable in the world.


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