November 1, 2021

Ep. 21: Stop Listening to Weight Loss Experts with Zilla


Weight loss is a frustrating and often unreachable goal. Many of us seek out experts to find the answers, only to end up disappointed and defeated.

In this coaching episode with Zilla, she comes to the session feeling confused and frustrated by her weight loss goals. She's been following a pretty restrictive plant-based diet and has hit a plateau after losing some weight. She's part of a very well-known plant-based community with a weight loss "expert" who promises the world.

Zilla finds herself constantly comparing herself to many others in the community who are having stellar results. This makes her feel worse and to seek out other experts via webinars, podcasts and the like so she can finally find the answer to her weight loss.

I think you will find this episode a bit surprising and refreshing at what I tell Zilla that I hope will inspire you to STOP trying to find the next holy grail or expert that will promise you weight loss.

When listening, consider how many times you've tried to lose weight and have felt like a failure only to be caught up in the vicious  cycle over and over again.


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