May 5, 2021

Ep. 8: How to Accept Differences + Set Boundaries with Julie


If you’ve ever struggled with feeling unsupported by friends and family or you feel like an outsider because of a certain belief system, then this episode is a must listen. 

Today’s caller Julie is a vegan. She’s been feeling a lack of support from her family around her choice to be vegan, and even though she wants to raise her children the same way, she is constantly being judged and getting push back from those around her.

Julie feels confused about how to navigate this tricky terrain with her family especially when it comes to her children and it’s been causing her a lot of stress. She craves acceptance and support, and has been trying to “educate” them, but this only causes more conflict.

Julie’s attempts to pray and meditate to get relief around these issues has not been helping and she feels at a loss about how to move forward.

Today we discover  the truth behind how this tension is created around food, what part of it is Julie’s responsibility without her even knowing it, and what she needs to let go of to keep the peace in her family. There is a definitive moment where Julie COMES HOME to the truth of what is really keeping her in a place of suffering. 

If you struggle to let go of other’s opinions of you, or you constantly come up against the same struggles in family dynamics, while wanting people to see your side, then this episode will be a game -changer for you. Because sometimes it’s as simple as letting go of an idea. 


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