April 26, 2021

Ep. 7: Take Your Power Back from Food with Alli


Today’s episode shines more light on the detriment of diet culture and how it creates a common thread of dysfunction in the way many people relate to food in their lives. The amount of shame and confusion that it causes can be a heavy burden to carry.

My caller today, Alli feels that burden. She has been struggling with snacking all throughout the day and she’s been feeling out of control. It’s definitely gotten worse during this last year with COVID. She wants to experience hunger again and feel normal around food, instead of obsessing about it 24/7.

Alli has developed a fear around being overweight because of what she witnessed when she was young. Her mother was diabetic and constantly eating junk food and she is doing everything in her power to not go down the same path. As a result, she has been living her life in total restriction. She constantly tracks her food and feels bad about what she eats.

All the conflicting information out there just confuses her more and she feels imprisoned by it all. Alli has a deep desire to have a normal and peaceful relationship with food and to eat regular meals, but has no idea where to start.

This episode opens the door to the detriment of diet culture mindset, and how it can take over a person’s life leaving them feeling imprisoned by food. Listen in for practical steps you can take if you are someone who struggles with food, and your relationship to it, or you’ve felt uncomfortable about your body and fear future health issues.


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