September 30, 2021

Ep. 17: Reflections of a Fat Girl with Body Image Specialist and Author, Ilene Leshinsky


As women, many of us struggle with loving and accepting our bodies. Culturally we are programmed by what we see in the media and by diet culture, and it’s detrimental to the way we view ourselves. 

 In today’s episode, Melissa dives deep into body acceptance with Ilene Leshinksy, a psychotherapist, teacher, body image specialist, creator of Find Body Freedom, and author of "Reflections of a Fat Girl.”  

Ilene deemed herself a fat girl many years ago because of what she heard growing up from her peers as well as her parents and grandparents . Messages of being “too thin” or being told she shouldn’t eat certain things left her confused and disconnected.

By the age of 5, she was a very overweight child by society’s standards, and that had a horrific effect on her self-esteem and confidence. She had no idea how to listen to her body and understand her satiety, so this led to many years of overeating and dysfunction with food.

Listen in as Melissa and Ilene both discuss their childhoods and the origins of their body image stigma. Take note of what these two incredible women have to say about body appreciation and learning to live in our bodies and be pleased with them is the key to food and body freedom.

They also dive into the negative and toxic impact of ads and social media when it comes to body image among women and men. 

Ilene’s program, Find Body Freedom, was created for women who wish to transform their attitude regarding their bodies and how they look at food. 

She works with women of all ages who want to feel good about themselves AND transform their relationship to food so they can feel free and empowered with their eating.


If you resonated with what Ilene shared, please check out her book here, Reflections of a Fat Girl.

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