September 16, 2021

Ep. 15: End Emotional Eating and Increase Self-Esteem with Ashley


In today's episode  Melissa coaches Ashley, who explains how weight gain is slowly eating away at her self-esteem. She has struggled with weight loss for most of her life and is eager to overcome her emotional eating habit that has amplified during the pandemic. 

Melissa investigates further to learn about Ashley’s daily routine, including what she puts in her body,  her workouts and sleep patterns.  She discovers that Ashley is experiencing mental health issues that may be evolving from what she is eating,  as she seems to be tired and sluggish even after a good nights  sleep.

Melissa deduces that Ashley’s dependence on empty, convenience-type foods  is  a contributing factor to her not feeling sustained throughout the day.   As she digs a bit deeper, she discovers that Ashley also suffers from stress eating,  anxiety and panic attacks as well.

Even though Ashley has a lot of good foundational pieces in place for her self-care routine, her lack of emotional and mental support is a big contributor to her stress eating and weight gain. In order to relieve herself of stress and panic attacks, Melissa  helps Ashley come up with solution oriented actions she can take to support herself and her mental well-being.

Busy scenarios and hectic schedules in today’s world often lead us away from our goals and perspectives due to lack of focus, energy and mental-health support. As human beings, it is our prime responsibility to identify the root cause of every situation and take solution-oriented action to  lead a healthier and less stressful life. Self-esteem walks hand in hand with self-belief and  the only way to strengthen self-esteem is to identify and address the underlying beliefs, and build practices to support the cultivation of it.  

Tune in to the podcast now to understand the key factors that lead to a stressful life and effective ways to rebuild self-esteem, nurture your mental health and your shattered life.


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Melissa Costello

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