July 16, 2021

Ep. 13: Believing + Owning Your Worth with Kimberly


What does it feel like when you receive a compliment? Do you deflect by complimenting back immediately or feel undeserving of the praise?

My caller today Kim has struggled with her self worth and accepting compliments and feedback from others. She turns the feedback or compliment into something negative about herself, because she doesn’t believe herself to be worthy of the compliment.

During the episode we untangle her limiting beliefs around WHY she can’t accept compliments and how they trigger her lack of self-worth. 

Kim believes that if she is truly worthy of a compliment, she will no longer be motivated to improve, despite not knowing when she WILL actually FEEL worthy. We trace this belief of never being good enough to its source, and it is a wound that has been present for years without her even recognizing it

Kim and I break down why she has such a difficult relationship with compliments and I help her re-frame receiving compliments in a way that she can more easily approach. I also give her several strategies to begin to heal the core wound that has led to her feelings of low self-worth (we all have one)

If you struggle with your self worth, feeling like you are good enough, or receiving compliments from others because you don’t feel you deserve them, then I believe Kim’s session today will be a great listen to find some insight on how to re-frame compliments, accept them with grace and heal any core wounding you have that keeps you from seeing your own worth and value. 


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