July 7, 2021

Ep. 12: Grief + Emotional Eating with Sunny


When we have loss in our lives, whether it's a death, break up or other type of loss, it’s common to override the natural grieving process that is necessary for deeper healing. 

It often feels easier to distract ourselves from the pain, like turning toward food, drinking alcohol, over-working, having sex or whatever other avenue helps us to numb out. Yet, avoiding the myriad of emotions that come with grief tends to only prolong the pain. 

My caller today, Sunny is struggling with a huge loss of her own. Her mother recently passed away, and even though she knows she needs to grieve, she has been avoiding it. 

Her mother was also her best friend, so her loss feels even bigger and she has a lot of anger. She has been using food to suppress her emotions, and calls in wanting to learn how to separate food from emotions. She’s gotten to the point where she is so disgusted in herself, that she believes she HATES food.

As we talk, she becomes more aware of how she is using food as a distraction and a source of comfort, but is still not sure how to separate the two. She knows that she needs to grieve, but resists it and wants to skip over the process and see it as something to check off her to-do list, like she does everything else. 

Sunny needs to find closure, peace, and healing both from the loss she is feeling and the way she uses food. As we dive a bit deeper, we uncover the source of her pain, and outline some powerful avenues for her to express her pain so she can begin the healing process and stop using food to numb out.

If you are experiencing loss or grief, or haven’t allowed yourself to process your more painful emotions, this episode will provide a lot of insight on how to find healing. I am sure you will find Sunny’s vulnerability and courage to take these first steps inspiring, and that this episode will enable you to begin to find peace with your emotions


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