May 20, 2021

Ep. 9: [TN] Building Resilience + Joy through Life's Challenges with Karey Spransy


Life tends to throw us a lot of curveballs, and sometimes it can be challenging to navigate them without suffering from depression, negativity and defeatism. 

Today’s guest expert inside The Nook is Resilience Coach, Karey Spransey. Karey joins me to share how she built resilience in spite of the MANY challenges she has faced in her life, including a teenage pregnancy at age 17 and the battle with Stage-4 Colon Cancer.

Karey’s long-time struggle with FOMO led her to a huge realization that she was trying to prove herself by saying yes all the time; the hustle was her way of feeling valuable in the world until her body told her otherwise.

When she was diagnosed with colon cancer and didn’t have the energy to participate and show up to events her FOMO worsened. With the help of a close friend, she was able to  recognize that she needed to set some pretty serious boundaries with herself if she wanted to survive. 

Karey’s signature approach to building resilience through life challenges, and learning how to find joy in moving on from those challenges is refreshing.

If you’ve ever experienced FOMO or you find that you have a hard time setting boundaries and saying no, I know you will find value from what Karey shares today and how she navigated the tricky terrain of FOMO while overcoming huge life challenges.


Karey Spransy is a resilience coach who knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and pushed down by life. Her experiences as a single teen mother, losing two loved ones to suicide, going through two divorces, and battling stage IV-4 colon cancer taught her how to use setbacks as springboards and failures as fuel. 

For a self-professed extrovert and FOMO junkie, the joy of missing out felt like giving up, so she changed JOMO to the Joy Of Moving On. Through her one-on-one coaching and group programs, she teaches others how to find their JOMO and just do the damn thing.  

She is unapologetically real and holds nothing back in her storytelling. She uses grace and humor to make you laugh, cry, and cry-laugh about the absurdities of life and feel inspired to find your JOMO.

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