March 27, 2021

Ep. 4: Navigating Blended Family Dynamics with Brooke


Family dynamics can be difficult to navigate on their own, but when your family is blended, it can cause even more tension and conflict in the relationship you have with your partner or spouse

Today’s caller, Brooke, has been experiencing this exact struggle with her husband firsthand. She has been married for 20 years, and her husband lost contact with his children many years ago, which catapulted him into a depression.  This depression has done damage to their long-standing marriage.

Brooke’s husband has recently started repairing his strained relationship with his daughter which is causing a lot of stress and jealous feelings for Brooke. She fears that her relationship with her husband will move backwards just when they’ve begun to make progress in reconnecting. 

She is unsure what to do with her feelings around the situation, not wanting to burden or affect others by expressing them. She meditates and writes, but it’s not enough. She even takes over-responsibility for other people’s feelings while ignoring her own.

Suppressing her feelings is a behavior that was modeled to Brooke when she was young and now, in this tense time in her relationship, she wants to be seen and acknowledged for how she feels.

In the episode, we look deep at how important it is to have a safe container for your feelings, and that all feelings are valid, and deserve to be heard—even the so-called negative ones! 

If you’ve had a difficult time expressing or sharing your feelings and all you want is to be seen and heard, then this episode will be a game-changer for you!  

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