September 8, 2021

Ep. 14: Speak Up and Let Your Voice Be Heard with Malika Amandi


In today's male-dominated industries, women often go unnoticed primarily due to their ability to express themselves and communicate effectively without apologizing.

In today's episode, we have with us Malika, the founder of The Center for Women's Voice. Malika coaches professional women, helping them through their communication barriers and transforming prime areas of their life.

According to Malika, repeated apologizing from women turns into a habit over prolonged exposure and that itself suppresses their inner self and their abilities. In order to gain control of a situation and make yourself heard, it is imminent to refrain from apologizing unnecessarily.

Women have to take their stand and go against the long followed culture of our society and set examples for themselves in order to get noticed. Things simply don’t fall into line unless someone decides to speak for themselves and challenge the cultural programming.

Effective communication is a key survival skill provided we make sure to clearly state our priorities and values and confront situations instead of remaining silent

Tune in to the podcast and discover the secrets to make yourself heard.

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