Match Your Food to Your Parts!

We all know that eating healthy, unprocessed, whole foods is good for us, but do we really know why? Well, Mother Nature is indeed a miracle worker, because she created some food to look just like our body parts, therefore enhancing and nourishing those specific parts, the more we eat them.

Below is a list of some foods that are great for your parts…eat them as much as you like! It’s a bit like playing Match Game, if any of you remember that TV show!

Walnuts: Shaped like a brain, good for the brain! High in Omega 3’s which help the brain cells communicate with each other. Omega’s are also essential for cognitive performance & memory.

Carrots: As kids we all heard the tried and true wives tale “Carrots are good for your eyesight”, well that couldn’t be more true. Not only are they good for eyesight, but Carrots are high in Beta Carotene, which converts to Vitamin A when ingested. Vitamin A maintains the health of your eye and helps to protect your eye from germs, inflammation and infection. Slice one open and check out the iris staring right back at you!

Sweet Potatoes: Shaped like your pancreas, and good for it! Sweet Potatoes or Yams slowly release sugars into the blood-stream so that your pancreas won’t get stressed!

Kidney Beans: They aren’t called Gall-Bladder beans! These red beauties are great for nourishing and healing your kidneys.

Tomatoes: Cut them open and notice the 4 chambers that mimic the heart..even the color coincides. This delicious fruit, filled with Lycopine, is great for the heart and the blood!

Grapes: Red or Purple grapes are high in flavonoids, which help to protect against heart disease as well as aging and cancer. These heart shaped clusters, that resemble a cluster of blood cells, may also help you control your blood pressure. Best to eat the real thing..but if you must, have that glass of organic, sulfite-free red wine!

Rhubarb, Celery & Bok Choy: Shaped a bit like a fibia, tibula, or ulna these veggies are high in calcium and Vitamin K which is excellent for keeping your bones healthy and strong. Vitamin K assists in activating three proteins involved in bone health as well as increasing bone mineral density. Also a good source of sodium, which your body will pull from your bones if you don’t have enough!

Melons & Citrus fruits: on! Melons are rich in Vitamin C, which boost our immune system and helps to prevent breast cancer! Oranges are great too!

Olives: Yes, great for the Ovaries! A diet rich in Olive Oil has been shown to lower the risk of Ovarian Cancer.

Avocado, Pear & Eggplant: These three beauties target the cervix and womb! Oddly enough, Avocados take exactly 9-months to grow. They are great for helping to lose weight after childbirth, balancing hormones, and providing essential healthy fats.

Figs: Hanging in clusters of two, these delicious fruits help increase sperm count & mobility! Gents, go get your figs!!! But make sure you buy this delicate fruit organic!

Remember, eating a whole foods diet will keep your immune system strong and help you to manage stress in your life. Your body uses whole foods as fuel, thereby resulting in more energy and less weight gain! time you’re in the market…match that food to your part! Have FUN!!!

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