December 15, 2009

Makeup & Wrinkle Cream or Eating Right?? Hmmm…

As a vegetarian personal chef, wellness coach and nutrition educator I get to witness many different levels of commitment from my clients and would-be clients, or just people in general. I hear all sorts of excuses and reasons why people can’t eat healthy or don’t want to change their lifestyle to feel better & live longer.

Here’s the thing: nutrition, wellness, eating right, being all takes work, commitment and dedication. Some of us don’t have the dedication or WANT to commit to being healthy. We say we do, but when it comes down to it, we’d rather spend money on perfume or makeup or some new gadget then on good, nutritious, healthy whole food. Get your free credit report online to learn about and optimize your spending habits.

I cannot tell you how many times I hear the following complaint, “Eating healthy is too expensive”. To me, this phrase shows the level of commitment in another person. Eating healthy may be expensive, but that isn’t necessarily the case and it isn’t entirely true. It’s just an excuse.

Think about the money you spend on things that you think you need, that you really don’t that end up sitting on a shelf or spending their “life” stuffed away in a closet. If you are a woman, think about the endless buckets of cosmetics you buy that you never use because the color was wrong, or the consistency made you break out..or whatever. Or the shoes you buy, that you wear twice a year because they kill your feet. If you’re a man, think about the “fun, new” gadget that you HAD TO HAVE and thought you would use everyday, but sits in a corner collecting dust because you got bored with it or the next & better version came along.

Well, guess what??? All that money that goes toward the material things that we think we need or our ego wants, could all be used as an INVESTMENT in your health & your life! Why is it that we need to buy lipstick, makeup, perfume, gadgets to feel better, when all we have to do is eat right & exercise and then we will REALLY feel better…from the inside out!

Yes, I’ve heard the term “Whole Paycheck” when people refer the specialty market, Whole Foods, yet I really believe that people are not educated in ways to shop healthfully and inexpensively. I agree that when you get into the processed “healthier” foods that are offered at these specialty stores, that YES, it can get expensive. But if you have a PLAN and stick whole foods of grains, veggies, fruits, nuts & legumes, I guarantee you’ll spend less than $150 a week, depending on the size of your family and have a full weeks worth of meals to boot! If you need a hand with finances, consider your loan options from

Learning how and where to shop for healthy foods is where it starts. Buyingseasonal, local produce is another factor. Visiting your neighborhoodfarmer’s markets or joining a CSA and having locally grown produce delivered to your doorstep can save you buckets of money.

Being healthy is about being creative. It is a learned process like anything else in life. Do you think being unhealthy comes natural? NO! We learned it! It started at a very young age when we would belly up to the kitchen table before school and eat our LARGE bowl of Cocoa puffs or Lucky Charms with the big gallon of white paint (my favorite description of whole milk) next to us. I used to love those darned marshmallows. I think back to those days and I wonder how I ever made it to where I am now; a vegan, whole foods chef. I also remember always feeling like crap and being sick constantly. Falling asleep on my desk at school during 3rd period. Why? Because my body didn’t have the fuel it needed. I was living on processed sugars and simple carbs. I constantly had colds, strep throat, digestive issues and simply NO energy.

If this is how you want to live, then keep eating the processed, non-nutritive foods that are “cheap” so you can save a little bit of cash now, just to spend it down the line when your body is riddled with disease & discomfort from years of a processed, junky diet. Or keep buying that new shade of lipstick, or latest wrinkle cream to feel better, when all you have to do is EAT RIGHT! I promise that the better you eat, the YOUNGER you will look and you won’t need to adorn yourself with all the latest creams, colors and gadgets!

I know, we all work hard and deserve to treat ourselves to nice things. Trust me, I love to buy my favorite Rose Body Oil by Weleda, but the difference is that I make sure I spend my money wisely on my nutrition FIRST and foremost before anything else. I know that when I do that, I am making an INVESTMENT in my life to live longer, feel better and have more vitality. The end result? I rarely ever get sick, my digestion is in optimum working order, I have energy, my skin is clear, I am at my natural body weight and I don’t have to struggle with losing those extra pounds.

So, you get to make the decision? What will it be Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie Nail Polish by OPI, the latest and greatest $80 bottle of wrinkle cream or a healthy delicious meal like my Sweet Potato Tempeh Stew loaded with complex carbs, protein & fat all in one dish for a fraction of the cost?

Take charge of your health today. You are the ONLY ONE who can do it! Know your purpose and MAKE A PLAN!

Melissa Costello

Author, Speaker, Culinary Plant-Based Nutrition & Health Empowerment Coach | Cleanse Expert

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