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Sacred Horse Sisters Weekly Empowerment Circle

Gather together in Sisterhood with other Women, just like you, who have a Deep Desire for Connection, Community + Healing.

Sacred Horses sisters is a weekly gathering dedicated to empowering women of all ages to reclaim their authentic selves and reconnect to what truly matters in life. This is a time for women to gather together, away from the demands of life and support one another to transform in a safe space, with the *healing power of horses. Ease anxiety, overwhelm and reset your nervous system by spending time in nature, overlooking the ocean with horses by your side.

Through the Equine Partnered Coaching model, Melissa and her horse partners will offer gentle guidance, feedback and insight into the areas of your life where you desire change and transformation. Get unstuck and walk away with powerful action steps and an inner knowing and connection to your highest self.

Together as a group we will transform, grow, heal and build deep, long-lasting connections. Each session will have a different life focus while offering deep support.

*No horse experience necessary. All our work with the horses will be done on the ground.

How It Works:

The Sacred Horse Sister Circle is a weekly group limited to 4 women.  Show up weekly as a drop-in, or commit to 4 weeks which will allow you to deepen into the experience and build a stronger connection with the horses and other women. 

We will meet weekly on Tuesday's from 3pm - 5pm at a beautiful private ranch overlooking the ocean in Santa Barbara. Due to limited space, this circle is based on a first-come-first-served basis.

"When women gather together in sacred space, magic is created and deep transformation happens".

  Is this right for me?

  • You have a deep desire to feel more connected to yourself and  others in a supportive community.
  • You want to feel more confident, open and free.
  • You have a curiosity or love for horses, even if you have some uncertainty around them.
  • You are seeking a different kind of support in your life journey.
  • You value personal growth and want to feel more aligned and authentic.
  • You need a break from the day-to-day of life, and want to experience presence and a sense of peace.
  • You crave deeper relationships and better communication skills.

What will I experience from the circle?

  • A profound sense of inner peace and ease
  • A deep sense of belonging while feeling seen + heard
  • Feeling more grounded, present and connected to your body
  • Release emotional blocks and heal deep wounds
  • Stronger, more authentic relationships with others
  • A reclamation of your own personal power and voice
  • A new way of thinking and relating to yourself
  • A deep healing of the imbalances of modern life
  • More confidence and new problem-solving skills
  • A renewed sense of excitement about moving forward in your life.

A deeply healing and inspiring experience...

Melissa, Diana, and the beautifully loving horses created an experience that was deeply healing and inspiring. So grateful for their care in assuring an opportunity for safe, profound, and compassionate connection.

Caitlyn C.


Infused with love, magic + transformation....

It was an experience infused with love, magic and transformation! I appreciate your gentle guidance and beautiful presence that made it sweet & safe.

Crescent O.

nourish your soul participant

Circle Dates & Topics

Cultivate Belonging In Your Life: Tuesday, July 9th @ 3pm- 5pm

How to Find Strength in Vulnerability: Tuesday, July 16th @ 3pm - 5pm

Creating Healthy Boundaries: Tuesday, July 23rd @ 3pm - 5pm

Reconnect to Your Deepest Truth: Tuesday, July 30th @ 3pm - 5pm

Cost: $260 for all four weeks (save $10 per session) or $75 drop in fee

Have Questions? Need more Information? Contact Melissa Below