Meet Melissa

Some other fun facts about me…

  • I’m a sunset chaser
  • I love beach volleyball
  • Pumpkin my brindle red-nosed Pitbull is the love of my life
  • Clutter gives me anxiety
  • A micro-plane is my favorite kitchen gadget
  • I couldn’t live without my Vitamix
  • I’m obsessed with Seaglass hunting
  • I am a creative spirit who loves rock painting & adult coloring
  • I must live within 5 miles of the ocean
  • I adore horses and intend to do Equine Assisted Coaching
  • I sleep on my stomach
  • Human connection is my #1 Value

I’m passionate about health. I’m passionate about food. I’m passionate about personal growth.

I’m a Transformational Eating Coach, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Spiritual Psychologist, Plant-Based Chef, Speaker and Author. I am committed to your profound and deep transformation so you can finally break free of your sabotaging behaviors when it comes to food and loving your body. I am here to support you in stepping fully into your greatness, in every area of your life. Because you and I know, it’s not just about the food.

My own struggles with emotional eating and my body image caused years of suffering and left me feeling imprisoned and paralyzed.

I was abusing myself with my words, actions and deeds. I deprived myself, took fat burners, exercised maniacally, then overate and criticized my body by calling it names and hating it, all because I thought that if I looked perfect, then I would finally be loved. What the heck is perfect anyway?

Growing up in a dysfunctional household with an alcoholic father did nothing to help me feel better about myself. I lived in fear and I was in constant survival mode. Food was my only safety net. But my body was my nemesis. I had the biggest internal war going on right inside of me. I didn’t have a safe space to express my emotions, so I ate them away.

It wasn’t until I found yoga and dove more into my inner life that things started to shift for me. But, I still struggled. Going it alone was not working.

I  felt completely discouraged and at a loss, so I enrolled in a Masters program for Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.  I began to have a profound understanding of the depth of my body hatred and dysfunctional relationship to food, and where it began. I dove in and took a deep, hard look at myself and started to experience compassion, freedom and a stronger sense of whom I was. This program changed my life.

It wasn’t an overnight event. It’s been a life-long journey. There was not any ONE thing that worked, but a combination of all that I learned and cultivated over the years through my studies in nutrition, yoga, dance, the culinary arts, personal growth work and life experiences.

My life’s work is to help others heal their relationship with food and find true freedom and empowerment in their lives. I can finally say that I feel at home in my perfectly, imperfect body and I have a balanced and loving relationship with food. I feel unstoppable in my life.

Isn’t it time you stood for yourself too?