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October 26, 2020

Reclaim Your Wild with Dr Natasha Kassam Paris

EP 3: Reclaim Your Wild with Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris; Finding Your Most Joyful, Confident & Authentic Self

In this episode of Reclaim Your Wild, Melissa interviews Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris, ND about how to reconnect to your most joyful, confident and authentic self. 

Dr. Natasha shares about her own struggles with trauma, abuse and bulimia and how she overcame these blocks that held her back in her life. To learn more about Dr. Natasha and to download her free meditation gift, click here

October 3, 2020

Reclaim Your Wild with Self Sabotage Slayer Megan Church

EP 2: Reclaim Your Wild with Megan Church, The Self Sabotage Slayer; How to Slay Self-Sabotage in 3 Simple Steps

Melissa interviews Megan Church, founder of The Self Sabotage Slayer. Sabotage is something many of us deal with on a day-to-day basis. Listen in as Megan shares her own story of struggling with years of sabotaging behavior and what she did to overcome it. She shares her 3 simple steps you can implement right away to overcome sabotaging behaviors in your life. To learn more about Megancheck out her Facebook Group The Self Sabotage Slayers

September 25, 2020

Reclaim Your Wild with Dr. Patty Hlava; Overcoming the Feelings of Not Belonging in the World

EP 1: Reclaim Your Wild with Dr. Patty Hlava; Overcoming the Feeling of Not Belonging

Listen in as Melissa interviews Dr. Patty Hlava, the founder of Awaken Peace Healing.  Patty shares her story of growing up and always feeling like an outsider in her life, and how her isolating hobby of being a figure skater as a teen made her different than all her classmates. She shares how this followed her into her adult life and how it molded her. 

Patty's discovery of Ayurveda and yoga changed her life and made her look inward after years of seeking multiple degrees in her field. To learn more about Patty and her offerings, visit her website here:

Interview with Julie Morris, Author of Smart Plants – How to Increase Memory + Focus

​Interview with Julie Morris, Author of Smart Plants - How to Increase Memory + Focus using Nootropics

​Melissa talks to Superfood Expert and Author of Smart Plants, Julie Morris about how to use superfoods to help increase memory, focus and brain health. This powerful interview will open your eyes to the power of nootropics and plant-foods to help you take care of your brain.

Beyond The Scale – Episode 3 With Jennifer Jimenez

​For episode 3 of Melissa's Beyond the Scale, Real Life Stories series, she interviews World-renowned life coach, Jennifer Jimenez, the founder of Vibrant Healthy Woman. Jennifer shares her story of being a dancer growing up and the negative impact that had on her body image. She also shares a powerful exercise to help you ​come into acceptance of your body, even if you don't fully like it right now.