October 20, 2010

As The Seasons Change, We Change!

Fall is here, and that means Winter is right around the corner. This is the time of year when our bodies start to change and prepare for the “cold days’ ahead. We are in tune with nature and our natural rhythmic cycles are preparing us for hibernation in a sense..just like the bears! Are bodies are no fools, even though we often treat them that way by feeding them junk and processed food. But, if you are in tune with your body and how it feels, it will usually tell you when it needs some TLC in the form of exercise, yoga, healthy food, or whatever. This is the time of year, to especially nurture your body and eat healthy!

Most of us eat on the run and don’t tune in to what our bodies really need. This time of year is especially hard as the holidays approach and we get even busier. AND, there’s all those dreaded temptations lurking around every corner which starts from the beloved Halloween holiday until straight after the New Year rolls around. By then we are feeling horrible and most of us are 6-10 lbs heavier than where we started in October. And that’s not 6-10 lbs of muscle my friends, it’s PURE FAT!!!

Yes, we need to slow down at this time of year, or at least our bodies do to prepare for the change in weather. When we feed our bodies processed, junky food full of sugar and fat, most of the time our bodies will revolt will illness. Did you ever notice that most people catch the “flu” or get really ill during or immediately after the holidays? And why does the media always blame it on some new flu strain from some other country that is taking over the USA?? To sell more pharmaceuticals?? Why don’t we blame it on what it really is…OVEREATING, OVERINDULGING AND HOLIDAY GLUTTONY!!

Our bodies cannot handle the overload of sugar, fat and salt that we give it during the h0liday season and it will literally revolt by getting sick. That’s the bodies way of saying, “STOP..feed me something good..take care of me.” Yes, we all like to indulge a bit over the holidays, as it’s festive and it brings our families together over the dinner table, but did you notice that every holiday in the US is centered around EATING crappy food and ingesting large amounts of alcohol? Valentine’s Day = chocolate, Easter = more chocolate & processed marshmallow peeps, St. Pat’s day = beer, 4th of July = BBQ’s with greasy food and loads of booze, Labor Day = more alcohol and greasy food. When does it end, because then we move into the holidays and we all know what kind of food we eat then! What has happened to our society which is now riddled with people dying every day of diabetes and heart disease???

It’s not just about the changing of the seasons, it’s about taking care of yourself, slowing down and making the right choices with your food to keep you healthy as the weather changes, and we move into our shorter days and colder months.

Make sure you are still exercising, but also allow time for relaxing, getting more sleep and enjoying time to yourself so that you can nurture your body and soul at the time when it’s most vulnerable to illness and disease. Honor the changing of the seasons and HONOR YOUR BODY!!!

Melissa Costello

Author, Speaker, Culinary Plant-Based Nutrition & Health Empowerment Coach | Cleanse Expert

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