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Private Equine Coaching

Private or Small Group Equine Coaching

Deepen Your Healing through Private Equine Empowerment Coaching Sessions  

Equine Partnered Coaching, also known as Equine Facilitated Learning is an experiential form of coaching that involves interaction between humans and horses.

Through your own curious nature and the presence you bring to your time with the horse, we will create the opportunity to identify and shift negative patterns or old wounding that has been keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle, whether emotional, mental or physical.

The goal of Equine Partnered Coaching is to help you develop trust and confidence in yourself; to be able to attune to your deeper desires and needs so you can bring your own unique gifts forward.  

It is a process of self-discovery. We do this through looking to the horse as a mirror or feedback tool for what is happening on your inside, as well as looking to the horse for new perspectives and problem-solving capabilities.

Being with horses can give us a sense of calm and remind us of the power of presence.  It's a time to slow down, and reconnect with nature and your own inner compass. Walk away feeling deeply grounded and reconnected to your heart and the innate wisdom within you. 

All sessions are 90-minutes and done on the ground with the horses at Liberty (no tack). No riding or horse experience necessary. Even if you're afraid of horses, you can have a safe and transformative experience.

Is Equine Partnered Coaching For Me?

  • You love nature and animals
  • You are seeking a different kind of support in your life journey
  • You need a break from the day-to-day demands of life and want to experience presence and peace.
  • You are interested in personal growth and want to feel more aligned in your life.
  • You desire to feel connected to yourself and your heart.
  • You want to feel more confident, open and free.
  • You want deeper relationships and better communication skills
  • You are intrigued by horses or love them and want more connection with them.

What will I experience from a session?

  • A profound sense of inner peace and ease
  • Feeling more grounded, present and connected to your body
  • A deep appreciation for nature and it's healing power
  • Release emotional blocks and gain new insights
  • Clarity around a current struggle or challenge
  • A new way of thinking, relating and living
  • More confidence, clarity and self-assurance
  • A renewed sense of excitement and purpose
  • Better problem-solving skills and habit building techniques
  • More authentic connection in your relationship with other
  • Identify areas that need continued support for growth

Infused with love, magic + transformation....

It was an experience infused with love, magic and transformation! I appreciate your gentle guidance and beautiful presence that made it sweet & safe.

Crescent O.

workshop participant

I felt safe in many vulnerable moments...

I was deeply moved when I didn’t expect to be. I saw others moved which was also unexpected.  I felt safe in many vulnerable moments. My journey with horses continues and it’s nice when it’s punctuated with these kinds of meaningful experiences.


workshop participant

I look forward to connecting with you...

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