T​he Balanced + ​Blissed Holiday ​Challenge

​Experience Balance, ​Peace and ​Calm through the Holiday Season ​​for a Diet-Free New Year! 

This Free 7-Day Challenge Starts: ​
​December 9, 2019

​ 7 Days to Your Most ​​Vibrantly Healthy + Guilt-Free Holidays Ever.

During this FREE, interactive ​7-Day Holiday Challenge, you will learn how to move through the holidays ​with more balance​, ​calmness and control than ever before, so you can start the New Year feeling inspired, guilt-free and empowered (not bogged down by a diet.)

 Over the course of the 7 days, I will help you:

  • Enjoy the holidays without ​GUILT, ​stress, overextending yourself and feelings of regret over what you ate.​ 
  • ​Make decisions ​with food ​that feel empowering, while still being able to enjoy all the things you love without going overboard or feeling out of control.
  • ​Attune ​to your body so you ​can keep your weight in check and your stress levels down.
  • Create a powerful ritual that will help you ​flow through the holiday season with ease and peace of mind.
  • Learn how to handle emotional situations with family so you don't use food as a crutch and sabotage all your healthy eating efforts. ​
  • Navigate holiday parties and social situations with ease and confidence so you don't feel afraid of what you might do around "all that food..."

Are you Ready To Experience
​Balance + Bliss?? 

​FREE CHALLENGE STARTS ON ​Monday, December 9th

​Meet Melissa....

​Melissa Costello, Transformational Eating Coach and Holistic Nutritionist is the author of the best-selling cookbook,The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook and The Clean in 14 Detox. Melissa began Karma Chow over 8 years ago as a personal chef to celebrity fitness guru and P90X creator, Tony Horton. Her own struggles with emotional eating and distorted body image led her to seek deeper work with her clients after she healed her own relationship to food and her body. This experience, along with her training in Spiritual Psychology allows her to bring her deep insight and wisdom when working with her clients to help them break out of the vicious cycle of dieting and deprivation, so they can finally heal their relationship to food and their bodies for good . Melissa is fiercely committed to her clients deep and sustainable transformation so they can live a life of balance, peace & freedom right now, not someday! To learn more about Melissa and the services she offers, go to www.karmachow.com