Health & Wellness Lecture Series

Through a 4-part lecture series, Karma Chow can come to your office or place of business and educate your employees on eating & staying healthy, how to combat illness in the work place and how to feel good inside and out. We will provide a basic nutritional plan for your employees as well as recipes, a workout plan and shopping lists.  For more information or to receive a press kit, email us!

The Healthy Eating Lifestyle Lecture

The most popular of all our lectures!!! In this one hour lecture, you will learn all the tips and tricks to eating healthfully while changing your lifestyle to have consistent and long-term results. We will address slow poisons, proteins, vegetarian diets, reading labels, greening your kitchen and much more! The lecture is a must if you want to bring health & wellness into the workplace, your home or for your employees! Call for pricing 310.918.3898