Reclaim Your Wild; Real Life Stories

Reclaim Your Wild: Real Life stories hosted by Melissa Costello are LIVE conversations with everyday women who share their real-life stories about struggles they've faced in their lifetime and how they've built resiliency and came back home to their true wild; the dream that got lost inside of them. Listen in to hear how these incredible women overcame adversity, trauma, self-loathing and more, and what they did to heal and step into a life of freedom, truth and authenticity. These powerful stories are about changing the conversation, so that women can feel empowered to reclaim their deepest, wildest desires and step into the most powerful version of themselves.

Reclaim Your Wild with Dr Natasha Kassam Paris
EP 3: Reclaim Your Wild with Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris; Finding Your Most Joyful, Confident & Authentic SelfIn this episode[...]
Reclaim Your Wild with Self Sabotage Slayer Megan Church
EP 2: Reclaim Your Wild with Megan Church, The Self Sabotage Slayer; How to Slay Self-Sabotage in 3 Simple StepsMelissa[...]
Reclaim Your Wild with Dr. Patty Hlava; Overcoming the Feelings of Not Belonging in the World
EP 1: Reclaim Your Wild with Dr. Patty Hlava; Overcoming the Feeling of Not BelongingListen in as Melissa interviews Dr.[...]
Interview with Dr. Jessica Higgins, Relationship Expert – How to Navigate Relationship Struggles in Quarantine
​Melissa interviews Dr. Jessica Higgins about what couples can do to navigate struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Higgins provides[...]
Interview with Julie Morris, Author of Smart Plants – How to Increase Memory + Focus
​Interview with Julie Morris, Author of Smart Plants - How to Increase Memory + Focus using Nootropics​Melissa talks to Superfood[...]
Beyond The Scale – Episode 3 With Jennifer Jimenez
​For episode 3 of Melissa's Beyond the Scale, Real Life Stories series, she interviews World-renowned life coach, Jennifer Jimenez, the[...]
Beyond The Scale – Episode 2 with Stephanie Hutchinson, Health Coach
​Melissa talks to Health Coach, Stephanie Hutchinson about ​how she came to body acceptance even after​ initially gaining 30 pounds[...]
Beyond The Scale – Episode 1 with Marla Mervis Hartmann
​Beyond The Scale - Episode 1 with Marla Mervis-Hartmann​Melissa talks to Marla Mervis-Hartmann, founder of Love Your Body, Love Yourself[...]

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