USM Pre-Practicum 10-Day Group Cleanse –

Starts August 6, 2012

Prepare your body and raise your energetic vibration by cleansing yourself of toxins before Practicum. Sugar, Caffeine and Animal Products all lower our vibration and alter our moods. Find out what it feels like to be free of food addictions and slow poisons, while learning how to eat healthy, whole foods that taste good! This will allow you to get in touch with and release emotions on a deeper level. 


How Does it Work?

For 10 Days you will be eating mostly raw, vegan & healthy whole foods. You will juice 2x per day and take supportive supplements to help your body rid itself of low energy toxins.

You will be journaling each day to document your process and assist in the release of any negative emotions, or beliefs that come forward.

This gentle food-based cleanse will bring you to a deeper awareness and place of peace within yourself!

What’s Included:

  • 1 (60 minute) group conference call
  • Full comprehensive packet including: 10-day Meal plan, Shopping list, Snack list, Foods to avoid list and Delectable recipes!
  • Daily email support via Private Facebook Group
  • Other educational resources available to support you on your journey
  • Pre-Order link for my upcoming cookbook, The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook (upon release date in August/October)
  • Electronic Karma Chow Journal

If you are too busy to cook, this cleanse is do-able. You will receive the most benefit from cooking your own food, but I understand that life is busy! I will talk about options on the first call!

The cost for this program is ONLY $97 (a $275 value)